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Sabia que o Melгo de Sгo Caetano pode ajudar no diabetes?


RESUMO O uso indiscriminado de medicamentos sintéticos, a exemplo de antibióticos e antiinflamatórios corticoides, por mulheres em idade fértil, para tratamento de infecções e inflamações sem diagnóstico definido, têm levado ao aparecimento de infecções, como vulvovaginites causadas por fungos e leveduras. ABSTRACT The indiscriminate use of synthetic drugs, such as antibiotics and steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, by women of childbearing age to treat infections and inflammation without a definite diagnosis have led to the onset of infections, such as fungal and yeast vulvovaginitis. The objective of this work is to demonstrate through bibliographic research that these infections can be treated with the use of plant drugs, such as Stryphnodendron adstringens Mart. Scientific studies indicate that the high concentration of tannins in this plant has efficacy against bacteria and fungi, especially the fungus of the genus Cândida, in addition to low toxicity. Because of the long-term side effects of antifungal drugs, coupled with the unwanted effects of antibiotics and corticosteroids, most people opt for home treatment with medicinal plants. It is concluded that, since prescribed and accompanied by a qualified professional, the desired effects can be obtained with the use of the vegetable drug S. A planta escolhida para pesquisa no presente trabalho é do gênero Stryphnodendron Mart.

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Let's test the speed to your device

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